Airline & Aerospace Metrology Committee

Committee Charter
The Airline & Aerospace Metrology Committee is to serve as a forum to improve the practice of calibration and metrology related to the maintenance of airline equipment, and to increase safety by greatly reducing false acceptances of certified airline equipment via employment of the best possible laboratory standards and procedures. 

  • Represent the Committee in sessions for annual NCSLI Conference, forum meetings, seminars, and workshops. 
  • Ensure that NCSLI Recommended Practices accommodate the specific needs of the Airline & Aerospace Industry. 
  • Promote or develop metrology training relative to the Airline & Aerospace Industry.
  • Identify and examine new measurement technology that could meet the needs of the Airline & Aerospace Industry. 
  1. Improve communication within the Airline & Aerospace Metrology community
  2. Prioritize the Airline & Aerospace industry members Metrology needs
  3. Promote members attendance at uncertainty training seminars
  4. Hold a committee meeting at a member airline, including a tour of calibration operation at the host airline