Healthcare Metrology Committee 

Committee Charter
Promote and advance the practice of Metrology in the manufacture and use of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and instrumentation. Establish liaisons with practitioners, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies, as well as professional, and industrial associations within the Healthcare community, to communicate the expertise and knowledge of Metrology advocated by NCSL International.
  1. Petition the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on International Organization for Standardization 17025 (ISO-17025)/ Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Trace requirements
  2. Petition International Conference on Harmonization (ICH ) on Q1A (R2) relating to Stability Testing of New Drug Substances and Products for clarification / addendum for humidity mapping of stability chambers
  3. Write articles regarding activities and Inter-lab comparisons (ILC’s.)
  4. Collaborate with Chemical Metrology committee on bio-medical issues and trends that have overlapping requirements with regulators