Training Resources

Committee Charter

Ensure that information, resources, and opportunities for metrology learning are of high quality and are widely and readily available and that needs and solution providers are identified when gaps exist. Ensure a high level of awareness of learning resources among the metrology community.  Ensure development, implementation, and recognition of real-time (fast-response) metrology learning opportunities. Ensure development of a complete infrastructure to support metrology courses which results in accredited continuing education units (CEUs), and/or college credit, and/or ongoing instructor development and qualification.

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Committee Projects:

1. Regional Training Events - review and rewrite of SOP.

2. IACET Requirements - The committee focus has shifted from obtaining IACET accrediation to incorporating these requirements into the operating procedures as best practices.  These best practices will ensure the continued presence of Learning and Development throughout all areas of NCSLI

3. Renewal of the Training Information Directory - This resource is currently unavailable. The committee would like to bring it back.  Help is needed with web-page development and finding current training courses and providers.

  1. Seek to become compliant with the ANSI/IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) standard, with the goal continual improvement and Training Excellence
  2. Coordinate/facilitate Technical Roadshows with the Regional VPs, coordinators, and technical experts. Continue to implement a Regional Training, or Regional Tutorial program in conjunction with region/section coordinators and Conference VP that will provide options for education and training opportunities in half-day to multi-day segments
  3. Enhance revisions/updates and promote resources via the NCSLI Website to ensure availability of the Training Events Calendar, Training Information Directory, and NCSLI Training Aids Library in support of member benefits