Workplace and Professional Development (163)

Committee Charter

Ensure that appropriate methods or systems are available in the workplace to provide appropriate recognition, qualification, credibility, and remuneration for the metrology professions. Ensure ongoing professional development in metrology and calibration careers by providing guidance, resources, and best practices to metrology and standards organizations, human resources offices, unions, and professional staff. Ensure that clear career paths are identified, communicated, and tracked as widely as possible and ensure that metrology and calibration careers are adequately recognized in the world-wide marketplace.

Committee Projects (Status)

  • LM-XX Personnel Qualifications (awaiting NCSLI BOD approval)
  • Guide on Converting Technical Content to Training Material (in committee review)
  • RP-3 Calibration Procedure Requirements - Training package (in work)
  1. Create supportive training materials for Laboratory Workforce Planning, Documenting Education and Training
  2. Continue writing projects that include 1) creation of handbook on Converting Technical Content to Training Materials; 2) updates to Personnel Requirements
  3. Create a dissemination plan for the Human Resources Handbook in support of metrology/calibration position descriptions. Publish press releases about the new Human Resources Handbook
  4. Continue efforts with the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management to integrate metrology/calibration job descriptions and labor statistics into publications and processes