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Laboratory Operations


140   Laboratory Operations
141   Measurement Information Infrastructure and Automation Committee (MII&AC) 
142   Laboratory Facilities
143   Calibration Procedures
144   Test Equipment Asset Management
        144-1  Equipment Specifications 
        144-2  TEAM Communications Strategy Working Group 
        144-3  TEAM Operations Management Working Group
        144-4  TEAM Process Standardization Working Group 
        144-5  TEAM Steering Committee
145  Testing Laboratories
146  Accreditation Resources & Liason

New Laboratory Operations Committee
Members Wanted!
The NCSLI Laboratory Operations VP James (Smitty) Smith, and the NCSLI Test Equipment Asset Management Chair Jorge Carlo, are developing a team to create a training package(s) to address the noted lab management guide.
More Information
  • Creating and updating NCSLI products and services that become value-added member benefits (may include, but is not limited to: publications, reports, articles, procedures, conference sessions, workshops, educational materials, tutorials and webinars;
  • Participating in NCSLI committees that have impact on laboratory operations; and
  • Reviewing all NCSLI documents, selecting those applicable to laboratory operations, building a catalog of documents, and establishing a regular review schedule.
  • Identify best practices for document collaboration that supports shortest possible revision, validation and publication.

Committee Roster