Intrinsic Standards Committee

Committee Charter
Identify primary standards that are intrinsic and determine if established criteria (publications) exists for these standards so that they can be practically realized and provide full traceability. For those standards that need criteria established, develop a Recommended Intrinsic Standard Practice (RISP) that describes the necessary equipment, requirements, uncertainties, etc. essential to realize the standard. Disseminate each new or revised RISP to all NCSL International members.


  1. Revise and publish RISP-4: Deadweight Pressure Gauges
  2. Complete and publish a new RISP covering the use of the Triple Point of Argon as an intrinsic fixed point temperature standard
  3. Revise and publish RISP-3: Quantized Hall Resistance
  4. Identify potential Recommended Intrinsic Standard Procedures (RISPs) that may be needed by the metrology community