Measurement Comparison Programs Committee

Committee Charter
Provide calibration and testing laboratory management with suggested methods for evaluating or improving the quality of measurements performed by their laboratories. Activities will include providing guidance and assistance with planning and executing Inter-laboratory Comparisons (ILCs); posting on the Committee web site available information for past, in-process, and planned laboratory comparison activities; supporting and reviewing all NCSLI sponsored ILCs; interfacing with other NCSLI committees that are sponsoring or needing assistance with ILCs; conferring with National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) to promote their participation; assisting with international, national and regional ILCs, as appropriate; and developing and maintaining Recommended Practices outlining responsibilities and procedures associated with ILCs.
  1. Encourage and support ILC activity, using RP-15 as the guideline, across the metrology community, including industrial, US government, and international organizations;
  2. Maintain RP-15 in alignment with ISO/IEC 17043, seeking to enhance acceptance of interlaboratory comparisons as formal proficiency tests by Accreditation Bodies;
  3. Encourage ILC participation among all NCSLI members and encourage new membership for those that desire ILC participation;
  4. Publish and present ILC results each year with the NCSLI membership