Measurement Requirements & Analysis


131   Measurement Requirements
132   Measurement Comparison Programs 
        132-1   ARFTG Microwave Round Robins 
        132-2   Josephson Voltage System ILC 
        132-3  1 GOhm Resistance ILC 
        132-4   North American High Voltage ILC
134   Intrinsic and Derived Standards 
        134-1  Deadweight Pressure Gauges Working Group 
        134-2  Two Pressure, Two Temperature Humidity Generator Working Group 
        134-3  Triple Point of Argon Working Group
  • Helping to capture and analyze data and trends that support “making the case for metrology;”
  • Encouraging national and international collaboration in all committee activities;
  • Continue to produce, review and enhance NCSLI products and services; Creating additional value-added NCSLI member benefits (may include, but is not limited to: publications, reports, articles, round robins, conference sessions, workshops, educational materials, and tutorials);
  • Recruiting new NCSLI members from within the committees and from outside the organization;
  • Coordinate at least two meetings per year via web-meetings that enable off-site participation; and
  • A goal of 100 % membership status for all participants will be sought within each committee; all committees will post agendas at least 30 days prior to each meeting and meeting minutes will be shared and posted on the NCSLI website within 30 days of each meeting.