Committee Charter
Serve as a forum for the dimensional metrology industry focusing on measurement concerns

  • Identify measurement requirements, techniques, knowledge and efforts
  • Ensure existing and future NCSLI Recommended Practices accommodate industry
  • Introduce dimensional metrology committee activities to the dimensional metrology manufacturing and measurement community
  • Develop materials to communicate measurement integrity
  • Interface with other dimensional metrology standards bodies
  1. Continue liaison with ASME B89 and ISO TC213 on the development of metrology standards
  2. Submit committee reports to ASME B89 meetings
  3. Report on ASME and ISO standards activities during committee meeting
  4.  post meeting information, and latest standards news from ASME and ISO
  5. Recommended Practice (RP) in Dimensional Calibration that will help bring uniformity in calibration methods and representation on scopes of accreditation