Measurement Information Infrastructure
and Automation Committee (MII&AC)

Committee Charter
The Board of Directors approved the initial charter with the following elements:

  1. Collect, develop, and disseminate information relative to the Metrologist magazine recurring series on MII & automation topics.
  2. Develop & define industry libraries and taxonomies used to populate the common MII.
  3. Periodically review and update the existing NCSLI information on the band of topics.
  4. Provide a point of contact for member organizations requiring assistance with the MII standard.
  5. Allow Members to openly participate, volunteer and create product relating to MII.

Along with the charter came these objectives:

  1. Develop & define industry libraries and taxonomies to populate the common MII.
  2. Provide regular articles to Metrologist for publication (4 times annually).
  3. Create an annual participative face-to-face meeting covering topics of interest at NCSLI Conference plus web meetings as appropriate.
  4. Provide an annual abstract submittal for Track, Presentation or Panel related to MII at the NCSLI Conference.


  • 141 Committee Meeting
    Topics: Goals for 2105
    Duration : Wednesday July 22nd 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
    Venue: Del Rio I (NCLSI Conference)
    !41 Automated Test Equipment Calibration - Meeting to discuss some of the working goals

    Setting up a brief meeting to discuss some of the potential goals and tasks for 2015-16. Apologize for this short notice and I also understand some of the key folks are not here at the conference this year. I hope to work closely with all of you guys in the coming year.

    Action Items/Meeting Notes:
    1. Firm up membership for the committee - Complete
    2. Develop a web site to collaborate effectively online using wiki or Blog - In Progress
    3. Initial topic to work on - Glossary of terms for Automated Test Equipment Calibration.

  • 141 Committee Meeting 2015 - November
    141 Committee Meeting
    Topics: Member Introduction and How to collaborate in the team.
    Duration : Wednesday Nov 11th 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM
    Venue: Online (NCLSI Conference)
    !41 Automated Test Equipment Calibration - Meeting to discussed the following

    1. Brief Introduction to team members
    2. How to collaborate on NCSLI web site
    3. Start working on Glossary of terms
    a. We will create a glossary of terms commonly used in ATE world. Also a bigger all encompassing document
    We will divide the work alphabetically and define ownership.

    1. Suresh will create the table and people will volunteer by next week. We to take an initial cut January and then start reviewing and merging content.