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5100 - Taiwan RegionJia-Ruey DuannIndustrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
5200 - Japan RegionNaoto KawabeFluke Calibration -
5300 - China RegionOpen PositionOpen Volunteer

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Japan Regional Meeting

Wednesday, November 5, 2013

Please Join Us!

Meeting Contact:

Kaz Hayakawa

Tel: 81-3-6714-3114

Fax: 81-3-6714-3116

Meeting Time:
10:00 AM –19:00 PM

Meeting Host:

Meeting Location:
Pio Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Meeting Directions:

Cost to attend meeting:
JPY 4,000

Meeting Overview:
This is NCSLI Japan’s annual Technical Forum expecting 200 attendants. It is a one-day session. There are 8 technical papers presented, and exhibitions of calibration products and services from manufacturers and service providers.  

Meeting Speakers:
Speaker’s Name: Shuji Nakamura

Topic: Researches on the Quantum current standard in NMIJ


Speakers’ Name: Shinich Koyano

Topic: Automatic Linearity Calibration of High Accuracy Multi-meters

Speakers’ Name: Shigeru Watanabe

Topic: Fluke 5730A product overview and the features


Speakers’ Name: Junzo Kida

Topic: International Comparison Test and Uncertainty Study of Short-time Alternating High-current Measurement


Speakers’ Name: Hideo Watanabe

Topic: Interlaboratory Comparison of high frequency attenuation


Speakers’ Name: Kiyotaka Hasegawa

Topic: Calibration and Uncertainty of vacuum gauge 


Speakers’ Name: Shintaro Tsutsumi    

Topic: JCSS calibration of Bridge Calibration Unit (BN100A) and Digital Precision Measuring Amplifier (DMP40) - AC voltage ratio standard for strain gauge measurement


Speakers’ Name: Yosuke Shinzawa

Topic: Method of evaluation of repeatability uncertainty in case of not repeating measurement

Meeting Schedule:
10:00  - 17:10      Paper presentations

17:30  - 19:00      Social sessions with food and beverage