Effective Equipment Management Using RFID
Effective Equipment Management Using RFID
Carl Closmore, Medtronic, Inc
For a Lab Manager, customer satisfaction hinges on the ability to provide the customer (lab user) with what they need when they need it. The larger the lab operation and the more users involved, the larger the customer satisfaction challenge becomes. Locating equipment coming due for calibration or maintenance, servicing Engineer or Technician equipment needs, and tracking utilization trends are key imperatives for anyone performing a lab manager function.

This paper will provide an overview of the asset management challenges faced by one lab operation and how the installation of RFID technology greatly reduced the burden associated with locating and tracking equipment. I will describe the following RFID implementation considerations:
    1) Pre installation environment and challenges.
    2) Search for solutions for effective equipment management.
    3) Vendor selection.
    4) Expectations of system and design.
    5) Installation and its challenges.
    6) Performance results.

Individuals responsible for equipment management would want to explore the possibility of using RFID technology. Whether your operation is large or small, implementing the concepts associated with an RFID tracking systems will improve your effectiveness. Should you actually install an RFID system you may see the same 90% efficiency improvement that we experienced.