Support in developing basic metrological infrastructures
Support in developing basic metrological infrastructures
Pavel Neyezhmakov, Head of COOMET Secretariat
The economic and social development of a society, improvement of the quality of life, products safety, environmental protection, increase in the volume of the international trade become impossible without the relevant development of metrological infrastructures. Therefore, at present the creation of a metrological infrastructure assuring traceable and internationally accepted measurement and test results is one of the prior tasks in a number of countries.

COOMET • the Euro-Asian cooperation association of National Metrological Institutions • is a Regional Metrology Organization (RMO) founded in 1991. Nowadays 17 countries from Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus region, Central Asia and other regions of the world cooperate within COOMET.

The basic activity of COOMET is cooperation in the following areas: measurement standards of physical quantities, legal metrology, quality management systems (QMS), information and training.

The participation in COOMET activities gives an opportunity to the member countries to solve metrological tasks in a more efficient way on the basic of approved rules and procedures. First of all these are the tasks which are of interest for many countries at the same time.

A new field of cooperation was initiated in COOMET in 2007 focusing on the support in developing basic metrological infrastructures of mainly those COOMET Member Countries located in the Caucasus region and Central Asia. A Subcommittee (SC) “Support in Developing Basic Metrological Infrastructures of COOMET Member Countries” was established within the Technical Committee (TC) “Information and Training”. The first meeting of the SC was held in June 2008 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Up to now, two workshops were organized with special emphasis on the various aspects of this new field of cooperation.

The objectives of this SC are as follow:
    1. Support in preparation for acceding the CIPM MRA.
    2. Training of personnel for implementing QMS in National Metrology Institutes
    (NMIs). 2009 NCSL International Workshop and Symposium
    3. Help in preparing calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC) of the NMIs of the
    4. Project planning and organization of training courses and workshops for metrological personnel.