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Esmeralda AdameSouth Texas College3700 W. Military Hwy. McAllen, TX 78501 UNITED

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NCSL International Rio Grande Section Meeting (1326)
Thursday December 1, 2016

Please Join Us!


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Meeting Overview:
The Rio Grande Section will have an informative meeting on Thursday, December 1, 2016. Please Join Us!

Meeting Contact:
Esmeralda Adame
3700 W. Military Hwy.
McAllen, TX 78501
Phone: 956-872-6107

Meeting Date & Time:
Thursday, December 1, 2016
8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Meeting Host & Location:
South Texas College
3700 W. Military Hwy.
McAllen, TX 78503
Cost to Attend:
   NCSL International
Complimentary Training
Meeting Speakers:

Topic: Birth and death of the Metric System
Speaker: Roberto Benitez, Etalons, S.A. de C.V.

Abstract: The International System of Units (French: Système international d'unités, SI) is the modern form of the old metric system, and is the most widely used system of measurement. While metrication in the United States is consistent in science, medicine, government, and various fields of technology and engineering, common measurements are mostly performed in United States customary units, although these have officially been defined in terms of SI units. The SI provides standardized guidance on how measurement units and results should be presented in writing. The SI was established in 1960 by the XI General Conference on Weights and Measures.  Myanmar, Liberia and the USA are the only three countries in the world that do not use the SI. In 2018, four of these units will be redefined: the kilogram, the second, the kelvin and the ampere.

Learning Objectives:
    -To know when it is necessary to use the SI
    -To promote the use of the SI in common measurements
    -To inform the origin, use, and changes of the SI

Topic:  Revision of ISO/IEC 17025
Tim Osborne,Trescal Corporation

Abstract: The goal of the training is to expose people to how ISO/IEC 17025 will look in the future and how it could impact the industry.
Topic: US Government Officially Recognizes Calibration Occupations
 Chris Grachanen, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Abstract: An important Day in Metrology occured on July 22, 2016, the US Government (US Dept. of Labor) officially recognized Calibration Occupation. This effort was spearheaded by ASQ Measurement Quality Division and NCSL International for the last 20 years under the relentless efforts of Christopher Grachanen and many others. The fruits of their labor are paying off. This means metrology professionals will no longer be classified as “meter checker” and other absurd descriptions when they get hired. HR Departments in your company will be able to classify you under the special description befitting the calibration professional.
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