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NCSLI Washington/Oregon Section Meeting (1431)
Thursday, November 9, 2017

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Meeting Overview:

The Washington/Oregon Section 1431, would like to invite you to a measurement science social event. We will have hands-on demonstrations of the latest measurement instrumentation while enjoying a networking opportunity with a diverse group of Metrology Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians as well as Engineers and Technicians from the Testing world. Prior to the demonstrations, attendees will have an opportunity to tour the Museum of Flight as a benefit of registration. During the event, appetizers and drinks will be provided. Registration opens at 11:00 AM offering time to tour the Museum before event starts.

NCSLI Meeting Contact:
Wesley Thompson
The Boeing Company
(206) 544-1355

Meeting Date and Time:
Thursday, November 9, 2017
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
(Registration will open at 11:00 AM to tour Museum)

Cost to Attend the Meeting:
Members: $25.00
Non-Members: $50.00
Table Top Exhibits: $300
Sponsorships: $1500 

The Museum of Flight
9404 E. Marginal Way
Seattle, WA 98108

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Table Top Demonstrations:

Etalon Productive Metrology
 Fluke Calibration






Topic: Update on the revision of ISO/IEC 17025
Jeff Gust, The Fluke Corporation

  1. Results of the vote on the FDIS
  2. Next steps
  3. Estimated Publication date
  4. NCSLI Training activities and tools for implementation
  5. Brief overview of key points of the revision


Etalon North America
Bruce Fiander, General Manager

Abstract: The Etalon Laser Tracer and software solution is designed for high precision compensation of CMM’s and machine tools. The Laser Tracer provides accuracies under .3ppm while the software provides automation in the measurement process, analysis, reporting, compensation and validation processes. For users looking for the fastest, most accurate and complete solution for their CMM’s and machine tools the Etalon Laser Tracer provides all the tools and functionality needed to bring this process to the shop floor.  Recent interest in bringing on-machine probing and inspection to machine tools is another key application. With Etalon’s TrackCheck validation software can be achieved quickly and effectively. This will provide a ‘Volumetric accuracy’ statement for the machine center and allow part inspection during the machining process.

Nat Handler, Marketing Manager

Interface Inc. is the trusted world leader in force measurement solutions; designing, manufacturing, and guaranteeing the highest quality performance load cells, torque transducers, multi-axis sensors, and related instrumentation available for the measurement of tension and compression loads.
While every new load cell and torque transducer is calibrated to determine its properties and accuracy, they are subject to deterioration due to normal use and wear and tear, drift or aging, Recalibration at regular intervals should to be carried out to establish how a load cell or torque transducer is currently performing.  
We will be demonstrating our Gold Standard® Calibration System, a hydraulic load frame with a fully-integrated PC-based system, to perform an ASTM E74 calibration. In a typical two channel system, one channel is connected to a reference standard load cell and one channel is connected to the load cell being calibrated. The reference standard load cell (1600 or 1800) and the load cell under test are placed in the calibration system in series. The reference load cell is compared against the load cell being calibrated. The system can be configured for user specific load points and will automatically record and archive the data and calculate the results. 
With nearly five decades of experience calibrating tens of thousands of load cells and providing force measurement solutions, Interface has developed a system that not only provides state-of-the-art accuracy but can also complete an automated calibration run in less than 5 minutes.

King Nutronics
Taylor Raizk, Sales & Marketing Development

We will be utilizing a multi-function hand pump to illustrate the importance of performing a vacuum back-fill on a hydraulic test circuit to minimize time and effort to get up to pressure.  We will also be discussing the adiabatic effect that is experienced during hydraulic calibrations, exhibited by a pressure change away from the target pressure, and ways to minimize this effect.
Mitutoyo America Corporation
Larry Maggiano, CTL Senior Systems Analyst

A high accuracy laser scan micrometer (LSM) and linked quality data management software, used both in the lab and in the field, will be demonstrated.   The principles of operation will be explained and measurement data will be captured, displayed, analyzed, and exported in the ANSI Quality Information Framework (QIF) data format.  Variables that can affect measurements will be presented and some will be demonstrated.  These variables can include setup (time intervals, averaging …), environment (temperature, vibration, power conditioning …), fixture/alignment (repeatability, pitch/yaw…) and part condition (debris, films, texture…).

Rosco Precision Machinery
Optimizing Geometric & Dimensional Measurement with Multiple Sensors, Bryan Muller, Sales Engineer

Many inspection rooms are filled with an array of different tools for measuring the geometry and dimensions of parts, each with specialized applications. Each tool also requires separate training for proper setup and measurement techniques. This can be very time consuming as inspectors have to decide what tools are most proper for each measurement, and then undergo multiple setups and reports to fully measure the part. The QVI family’s multi-sensing systems solve this problem by putting together some of the highest accuracy contact and non-contact sensors in a single platform, allowing you to use the best tool for each measurement without having to do multiple setups. 
Rosco Precision Machinery will be presenting an Optical Gaging Products Flash 200 to show the pros and cons of the most common and widely applicable sensors: video, touch probe, and laser scanning. With this knowledge we will look at some measurement applications and decide which sensor it would be best practice to use in order to produce the most accurate result. We will also be considering the design intent of parts, and how that can affect our choice in sensor.
SAF North America
Adam Hostetter, Sales Manager for SAF Tehnika's Test & Measurement Product Lines

SAF North America is pleased to offer a hands-on 60 GHz measurement demonstration.  
Rising demand for bandwidth is driving the growth in deployment of point to point microwave links in the 60 GHz band (V-band). V-Band is unlicensed in the U.S. and serves as a complement to the unlicensed 5.8 GHz band. The unique characteristics of the signal allow for dense deployments using small cell or picocell technology. However, the 5mm wavelength is susceptible to atmospheric and rain attenuation, and doesn’t reflect well indoors. In addition to microwave backhaul, 60 GHz is also being deployed for indoor use in various WiGig applications. Join us as we demonstrate methods of gathering real world insight into the unique characteristics, advantages, and challenges that working in this frequency present.

Michael Sciulli, Western Regional Sales Manager

Today there are several applications where making a low resistance measurement is required, such as; bonding, component testing, ground testing, cabling (harness manufacturing), PCB trace testing, coil resistance testing, thermo-electric devices, etc...  The challenges in making such measurements require selecting the right type of micro-ohmmeter along with the correct probes.
There will be different micro-ohmmeters on hand that will be used to demonstrate what works best for certain applications and why.  Some micro-ohmmeters provide the capability to adjust certain levels of test current and or open circuit voltage.  This capability is an important when testing thermo-electric devices and or when a dry circuit test is required.  Of course the instrument can only measure what is properly connected.  When dealing with Kelvin Probes this is not always easy, especially with everything 

Western Tool & Supply Co. 
Ken King, Metrology Specialist
Starrett KMR-200-M3 Video Microscope with a 8” x 4” XY stage, color digital video camera, zoom lens, LED backlight and ringlight, MetLogix M3 software, touch screen monitor and PC. 
Demonstration: Measurement of part features using a standard crosshair and the operators own judgement.  
Demonstration: Measurement of part features using automatic edge detection.
Evaluate the Accuracy and Repeatability of manual vs. automatic edge detection method. 
Discussion question: What is the advantage of a video based measuring system over a traditional optical comparator? 
Mitutoyo SJ-410 Profilometer Surface Roughness Gage Ra – arithmetical mean roughness value is evaluated within the evaluation length ln, which generally consists of five sampling lengths lr. The sampling length corresponds to the cut-off wavelength λ c of the profile filter.  
Demonstration: We will use a standard Cut-off length of .03 and 5 sampling lengths. 
Demonstration: We will use a shorter Cut-off length of .01 and 3 sampling lengths.
Discussion questions: Why is there a difference between the measured results?  How does the length of the measuring method affect the measured results?
Meeting Schedule:
11:00 AM
Registration Opens, Access to Museum of Flight from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

1:00 PM

Opening Remarks

1:15 PM

Jeff Gust Fluke Calibration,  Presenting updates to ISO/IEC 17025

2:00 PM

Hands On Demonstrations begin (Drinks & Appetizers Served)

5:00 PM End Meeting

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