LM-17: Leading in the Laboratory: Applying Leadership
LM-17: Leading in the Laboratory: Applying Leadership
This Laboratory Management (LM) Guide provides guidance on leadership for laboratory personnel currently in a leadership position or aspiring to leadership. This document explores personal leadership qualities, models, and roles. While providing information on different aspects of leadership, this LM also helps to improve one’s ability to form and maintain connected and empowered relationships with various employees and customers. Understand different leadership principles can also help cultivate the desire for development of self and others. In addition, this document explores the transition into leadership and what strategies can assist with the transition from laboratory technician to leader.
This document differentiates between leadership and management, emphasizing that effective leadership embodies vision, unifies and motivates people, and advances the technical excellence of the laboratory. Readers of this document will understand that leaders who effectively promote professional growth and productivity of both self and employees will encourage efficient organization performance and success.
While written for laboratory personnel, the leadership concepts in this document apply to any business. This document offers an overview of different leadership approaches as opposed to being a training manual for a distinct leadership approach.
Revision Year 2014
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