RP-1: Establishment and Adjustment of Calibration Intervals
RP-1: Establishment and Adjustment of Calibration Intervals
This Recommended Practice (RP) is intended to provide a guide for the establishment and adjustment of calibration intervals for equipment subject to periodic calibration. It provides information needed to design, implement and manage calibration interval determination, adjustment and evaluation programs. Both management and technical information are presented in this RP. Several methods of calibration interval analysis and adjustment are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are described and guidelines are given to assist in selecting the best method for a requiring organization.

The technical information is intended primarily for use by technically trained personnel assigned the responsibility of designing and developing a calibration interval-analysis system. Because the subject of calibration interval analysis is not commonly treated in generally available technical publications, much of the methodology is presented herein. Where feasible, this methodology is given in the body of the RP, with advanced mathematical and statistical methods deferred to the Appendices. Statistical or other methods that are not described in detail are referenced.
Revision Year 2010
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