RP-5: Measuring and Test Equipment Specifications (2016)
RP-5: Measuring and Test Equipment Specifications (2016)
MTE specifications should include performance characteristics that can be used to evaluate the suitability of MTE for a given application. However, understanding specifications and using them to compare equipment from different suppliers or vendors can be a perplexing task. This primarily results from inconsistent terminology, units and methods used to develop and report equipment specifications.

MTE specifications are used to compute test uncertainty ratios and estimate bias uncertainties essential for measurement uncertainty analysis and decision risk analysis. In addition, MTE are periodically calibrated to determine if they are performing within specified tolerance limits. Therefore, it is important that MTE specifications are properly reported, interpreted and applied.

This document is intended to provide recommended practices for developing, reporting, obtaining, interpreting, validating and applying MTE specifications. Detailed examples are included to educate, demonstrate, promote and reinforce best practices.
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