RP-18: Estimation and Eval. of Measurement Dec. Risk (2014)
RP-18: Estimation and Eval. of Measurement Dec. Risk (2014)
The general objective of this publication is to assist activities in which decisions are based on Measurement results, in particular, those that relate to meeting quality and performance requirements. The specific objective is to provide guidelines for computing metrics by which conformance testing for Test and calibration processes can be evaluated. Chief among these metrics is measurement decision risk (MDR). MDR includes;
(1) the risk of an equipment attribute being out-of-tolerance and incorrectly accepted as intolerance
(2) the risk of an attribute being in-tolerance and rejected as being out-of-tolerance.
The former is called False Accept Risk (FAR) and the latter is termed False Reject Risk (FRR). A principal objective of this RP is to accumulate and focus the current body of knowledge on measurement decision risk analysis to estimate and manage such FAR and FRR, particularly as they relate to tests and calibrations.
In addition to providing guidelines for estimating and managing MDR, this Recommended Practice (RP) addresses the evaluation of these risks in terms of their impact on both operating costs and on the cost of the undesirable consequences of incorrect test decisions. The guidelines provided herein can also be applied to equipment and system design issues involving decisions regarding accuracy requirements and available support capabilities.
Revision Year 2014
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