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NCSL International Southern Ohio/Kentucky Section Meeting (1132)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

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Meeting Overview:
The Southern Ohio/Kentucky Section will have a NCSL International Section Meeting on Thursday, October 26, 2017. The fall meeting will have presentations on high power RF calibration, Accuracy Calibration Certificate (ACC), and internal audit to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. The meeting will be held at C-TEC Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County, Newark Ohio. Members and Non-Members of NCSL International are welcome to attend.

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Meeting Contact and Metrology Ambassador:

Matthew Denslow
The Bionetics Corporation
813 Irving-Wick Dr.
West Heath, OH 43056

Meeting Date and Time:
Thursday, October 26 2017
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Cost to attend meeting:
NCSL International
Complimentary Training

Meeting Location and Host:
C-TEC Career and Technology Center
150 Price Rd
Newark, OH 43055

Meeting Directions:
From North - OH St 13 South to 21st Newark (South) turn right onto Price Rd. proceed west ¼ mile to C-TEC Adult Education Center east parking lot. From South and I-70 (Exit 129) Take OH-79 N to OH-16 W in Newark. Take N 21st St to Price Rd turn Left onto Price Rd. proceed west ¼ mile to c-tec Adult Education Center east parking lot.

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Meeting Sponsor:

Meeting Speakers:

Title: Microwave Calorimetry
Greg Tolentino, TEGAM

As demand for high power RF calibration grows, so does the need for improved calibration uncertainty capability and efficient calibration methodologies. This talk will explore how Calorimetry is an intriguing answer to these needs, and recent advances in both power and frequency capabilities has made it a fully viable production solution.

Bio: Greg Tolentino has 10 years experience as a PMEL technician in the USAF and as an contracted calibration technician where he focused primarily on RF and waveform analysis equipment calibration and repair. He has since worked at several commercial calibration labs, and completed his AAS in electronics technology, and undergraduate and graduate degrees in business. He joined TEGAM in 2013 as the Applications Engineer for the thermometry and bond meter lines, then moving into the Product Manager role for TEGAM's RF product line.

Title: Mettler Toledo Accuracy Calibration Certificate "Uncertainty in use"
Michael Lena, Mettler-Toledo

In July of 2017 Mettler Toledo unveiled a new certificate: Accuracy Calibration Certificate (ACC).  The uncertainty estimation detailed in the ACC Certificate is based on the international guideline EURAMET cg-18.  This estimation is new to the US and Forensics Communities.  I will be discussing four critical measurement parameters and how these data points are recorded and used to calculate the Absolute and Relative Uncertainty.  I will further discuss how the values generated from the ACC Certificate apply to State and Local Laws and the latest Accreditation Requirement ANAB AR 3028.

Bio:  Mettler Toledo Lab Weighing Consultant and Service Technician for 15 years.

Title:  Transitional assessment/internal audit to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
Ryan Fischer, ANAB_LAB

The transitional presentation provides information for the assessment/audit of the requirements considering a baseline of objective evidence and discussion and guidance to assist assessors/internal auditors when confirming compliance with several areas of the revised version of the Standard differing from the 2005 version.  

Topic: Winning the Fight against Electrical Measurement Errors
Speaker: Jack Somppi, Test and Measurement Consulting

In making DC and low frequency AC calibration measurements, there are a number of errors caused by the characteristics of the measurement process.  These often are subtle, and can cause measurements to be incorrect.  These include common mode signal effects, undesired leakage currents, grounding issues, test connections with thermal emfs, etc.  There are techniques such as voltage guarding and resistance guarding, use of external sense leads, and others which minimize or eliminate these errors.  This presentation will review the cause, effect, and remedies for a number of these errors.
Meeting Schedule:
9:00 AM

9:30 AM


9:30 AM

10:30 AM

Microwave Calorimetry, Greg Tolentino, TEGAM

10:30 AM

10:45 AM


10:45 AM

11:15 AM

Mettler Toledo Accuracy Calibration Certificate "Uncertainty in use", Michael Lena, Mettler-Toledo

11:15 AM

12:45 PM


12:45 PM

2:15 PM

Transitional assessment/internal audit to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, Ryan Fischer, ANAB_LAB

2:15 PM

2:30 PM


2:30 PM

3:00 PM

Winning the Fight against Electrical Measurement Errors, Jack Somppi, Test and Measurement Consulting

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