NCSLI Northwestern Region 1430

Washington    -    Oregon    -    Idaho    -    Utah    -    Montana

NCSLI Northwestern US Region Coordinator:

Full NameOrganizationMailing AddressWork PhoneEmail
Open PositionOpen Volunteer Position  info@ncsli.org1430 - Northwestern US Region

1430 Section Volunteers

PositionFull NameOrganizationWork Phone
1431 - Washington/Oregon SectionWesley ThompsonThe Boeing Company(206) 295-0231
1432 - Idaho SectionMike StearsIdaho National Laboratory208-526-2343
1433 - Utah SectionMichael ColemanFluke Calibration801-847-1183

NCSLI Local Region Meeting Survey
The purpose of this survey is to determine what topics, interests, and presentation styles are of value to our meeting attendees.

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