173.5 Measurement Uncertainty Analysis

Committee Charter
Collect, develop and disseminate analytical metrology information to improve measurement quality assurance (MQA) and measurement quality metrics (MQMs) related to measurement uncertainty, uncertainty growth and measurement models. Capture and document comprehensive and current measurement uncertainty analysis practices in Recommended Practice RP-12 to help the NCSLI membership evaluate and report uncertainty. The RP should document the GUM methodology and other recommended methods developed afterward and provide step-by-step procedures and practical examples to implement the methodology. The RP should apply to all measurement arenas, including calibration, verification, testing, and product development.

Supplement RP-12 with practical uncertainty analysis examples
Meeting Minutes

The level of participation can include any of the following: 1) providing technical input or expertise; 2) reviewing content for clarity and understanding; or 3) writing content. Also, please indicate if you would like to contribute analysis examples or would like to assist in coordinating efforts to solicit analysis examples from others.