Member Review of ISO/IEC FDIS 17025
Please provide your feedback to the NCSL International business office at  no later than September 15, 2017

NCSL International is a direct Liaison to ISO CASCO and one of the benefits of NCSLI membership is the ability for members to receive final draft (FDIS) copies of standards such as ISO/IEC 17025 and to provide comments directly to the ISO CASCO working group. We encourage you to not only submit your comments to NCSLI but also through your country’s member group. Formal feedback to the WG44 must be channeled via participating member countries (P-members). Fortunately, NCSLI is connected to several of the P-members. This will give us the opportunity to provide the NCSLI comments to the ANSI International Conformity Assessment Committee (ICAC) in the US, the SCC Mirror Committee to CASCO in Canada and other Standards Bodies from our other regions within the international division.  

Download ISO/IEC FDIS 17025

Please follow this hyperlink to identify the P-member representing your country:
Please review and comment on the Draft International Standard (DIS) below, and use the accompanied official template for your comments. Because this is a Draft, and you are a valued member, please do not forward this document to anyone outside of your organizations. When utilizing the commenting template, there are a couple of editing rules we would like you to consider assisting us in managing and addressing the comments more efficiently.

  1. Enter the clause number exactly as you see it in the document,
  2. Enter only one clauses or sub-clauses in a single response,
  3. Use text only, no bullets.
  4. While we encourage comments, we ask you also suggest changes. Comments followed with proposed changes will only be considered for incorporation into the Draft. 
MB = Member Body = NCSLI unless you would like something else
Type = 
GE - General - you think something should be added or clarified - basic and general concepts.  
ED - Editorial - formatting, grammar, spelling, etc
TE - Technical - technical contradiction - definition, definition use, conflict with another clause, conflict with another standard
 Thank you, again, for being a member of NCSL International, and assisting us in making a Standard that better serves the metrology community.