Welcome New NCSL International Members

RECRO Gainesville 
Recro Pharma is a revenue-generating, specialty pharmaceutical company focused on products for hospitals and ambulatory care settings that is currently developing non-opioid products for the treatment of acute pain. Our lead product candidate is a proprietary injectable form of meloxicam. Intravenous, (IV), meloxicam has successfully completed multiple Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. We believe injectable meloxicam compares favorably to competitive therapies in extent of pain relief, onset of pain relief and duration of pain relief.

Our pipeline also includes Dex-IN, a proprietary intranasal formulation of dexmedetomidine (Dex), which successfully completed a Phase II clinical trial in post-operative pain. Based on feedback from the FDA regarding the benefit-risk profile of Dex-IN, we plan to pursue Dex-IN in peri-procedural pain. If approved, Dex-IN would also be the first approved peri-procedural pain drug in its class of drugs.

As our product candidates are non-addictive, non-opioid drugs, we believe our candidates would avoid many of the side effects associated with commonly prescribed opioid therapeutics, such as addiction, constipation and respiratory depression while maintaining meaningful analgesic effects. We believe our product candidates could provide an attractive alternative pain medication alternative to help avoid use of opioids for the more than 50 million surgical procedures that require post-operative pain medication.

We currently own and operate a 97,000 square foot, DEA-licensed manufacturing facility that makes five commercial products and receives royalties associated with the sales of these products.

McNeely Consulting Services
McNeely Consulting Services provides over 20 years of GMP Metrology and Validation Experience. Services include GMP Metrology Auditing, Consulting, Software Validation and Training.

National Research Council Canada - Halifax
NRC is an agency of the Government of Canada, reporting to Parliament through the Minister of Industry. It is governed by a council of appointees drawn from its client community. NRC plays a leading role in providing Canada with strategic Science & Technology (S&T) information, intelligence and connections to centers of advanced S&T around the world. NRC has created valuable international linkages and networks that help transfer S&T information back to Canadian firms, universities and public sector partners, and also generate new business opportunities for Canadian SMEs. Our technical services help small and large enterprises overcome workforce constraints and limited resources, accelerating design cycles and helping to identify product performance limits. We have experienced professionals on-site to help our clients solve immediate technical problems associated with the transfer, adoption and diffusion of technology. Our specialized services range from testing and certifications to calibration, prototyping, demonstrations, scale-up and consulting. NRC offers Canadian businesses access to unique research infrastructure as well as the experts to optimize its use. This includes aerospace engineering and manufacturing, astronomy, high-throughput DNA sequencing, neutron beam facilities, photonics, biotechnology and nanotechnology – to name just a few. Access to these facilities allows innovative businesses to pursue blue sky R&D opportunities here in Canada, while lowering the risks associated with R&D and accelerating product development.

McCann Equipment Ltd.
McCann Equipment Ltd. is a complete torque tool specialty house. We provide torque equipment from manual screwdrivers and wrenches to high powered pneumatic, hydraulic and electric torque tools, test equipment and controllers. McCann Equipment is the largest supplier of torque tools and torque-related equipment in Canada. McCann Equipment Ltd. is an industrial distributor specializing in the sale, service, rental, calibration and certification of torque-related products.

Time Electronics
Established in 1967 Time Electronics Ltd is an UK based company that designs and manufactures calibration and metrology instruments. Our comprehensive range of products provides users with solutions for test and measurement applications within their respective industries. Models include decade boxes, electrical calibrators, digital multimeters, process calibrators, pressure testing instruments and calibration software. In addition we manufacture customised multifunction test benches, and design and supply turnkey calibration labs, electrical and instrument workshops, and engineer training centres. During our 50 years of continuous development we have used innovative engineering to develop performance products for automated calibration applications. Our software driven solutions enable users to manage, automate, and optimise the calibration process. They increase efficiency and productivity, reduce testing times and provide customers with the features and capabilities to achieve compliance with quality standards. Quality is an integral part of our company philosophy. In addition to building accurate and durable test instruments we provide extensive technical support. We focus on establishing strong business relationships based on customer satisfaction and commitment to providing quality products and services. This has given us a valuable reputation with organisations worldwide, and is one reason for our continued success in international markets. We have a global distribution network and are represented by companies with strong technical capabilities and skilled engineers.

Phillips General Contracting Limited
Electrical & Instrument Services. Calibration of recorders. Transmitters. balances/scales. Gauges. Testing of pipes, spool pieces. Testing and service of valves. High pressure hoses. Function testing of pumps. Leak and hydrostatic testing services. Rental of valves and recorders. Sale of recorder parts and electrical equipment.