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9/23/2020A Global Effort to Digitize MetrologySept. 23, 2020
|Non-members $25 NCSLI Members No-charge (member benefit)
12:00 PM (MT)
Have you heard of the digital quality infrastructure? The Digital SI? Digital calibration certificates (DCCs)? Cubyt? NCSLI's measurement information infrastructure (MII) initiative? These and other globally scattered initiatives will all help upgrade our industry from Metrology 2.5 to Metrology 4.0 by automating our remaining manual systems via networked digital measurement data. Laboratories have long since automated many of their test and measurement processes, but the global quality infrastructure remains mired in paper and PDF documents that a) require subject-matter experts to generate, interpret and use; and b) omit information that would have value if automatically generated, exchanged and put to use.
9/24/2020Metrology Software meets Model-Driven EngineeringSept. 24, 2020
|Non-members $20 NCSLI Members No-charge (member benefit)
10:00 AM (MT)
Most of the metrology software we used today was developed by the manufacturer in an effort to help sell their hardware, making metrology software highly segregated and harder to maintain as regulatory requirements and technologies change. As we move into Industry 4.0 and the Internet-Of-Things (IoT) these changes are going to come at an even faster pace, making it even harder to maintain and support code.
This is why much of the software industry is moving towards Model-Driven Engineering built around the idea of low-Code or no-code development models. Meaning, how can we perform the same task with little to no software development. A world where software doesn’t have to be written again and again, instead Model-Driven Engineering drives the software in the direction of sustainability.
Working with the NCSLI - MII Committee we are trying to build the foundation for a strong model-based industry standard that can build upon. This model will help build better tools, reusable resources, as well as data and information exchanges. In this webinar, I would like to zero in on what is meant by Model-Driven Engineering and how it can be used to make better metrology software.
10/20/2020Time and Frequency Measurement, Lindfield, AustraliaThis two-day course (9 am to 5 pm) covers the broad range of equipment and techniques used to measure time and frequency and to calibrate time and frequency instruments. Please find the link to the brochure here.
The topics covered include:
     clocks, oscillators and frequency standards
     time scales and international timekeeping
     evaluating the performance of time and frequency standards
     selection of clocks and oscillators to suit applications
     primary standards and traceability
     the Global Positioning System (GPS)
     time and frequency transfer, including TV-sync, GPS and two-way satellite transfer
     computer time and Network Time Protocol
     frequency and time interval measuring instruments
     measurement and analysis techniques for time and frequency calibrations
     estimating measurement uncertainty
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