Application of Software Enhanced DCC Bridge Measurement
Application of Software Enhanced DCC Bridge Measurement
Mark Evans, Guildline Instruments Limited
This paper discusses some developments in utilizing the computing power of a PC to enhance the capability of DCC bridges in resistance and temperature measurements.

One enhancement is a dynamic reversal rate algorithm, which controls the bridge speed to balance speed vs. stability for both static and changing resistance measurement. This technique can help a DCC bridge better “Track” a moving temperature when it approaches or exits a stable temperature point, as well as a way to govern the stability of a fixed resistance measurement while allowing an increase in measurement speed.

Another enhancement applies an advanced use of bridge error coefficients to reduce systematic bridge errors that are not at, or close to, the initial test points used to generate the correction. This paper explores the use of a logarithmic interpolation/extrapolation approach, which can be used to improve the accuracy of measurements when measuring in between characterized points, effectively removing most of the systematic bridge error.