Calibration Training in an Industrial Facility
Calibration Training in an Industrial Facility
George Jannison, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
While calibration has always used standards, the processes today are required to assist in the delivery of an ISO 17025 or ANSI Z540 compliant calibration system. Our activity developed a management approved training plan that includes classroom sessions, written tests and proficiency evaluation of calibrators, prior to certification.

The training plan continues to evolve as the quality program and technology add requirements. New measurement areas, instruments and changes in the incoming technician population all demand continuous improvements in the delivery of calibration training. Our local plan addresses numerous levels of calibration accuracy and most measurement areas from our scope. Classes include introduction, local and vendor specific plus occasional technician 'exchanges'.

This paper will discuss these issues as they evolved into the current plan and will point out that the aging work force rather than a challenge can be seen to be a great opportunity.