I Saw What You Did! A closer look at NCSL International Mem.
I Saw What You Did! A closer look at NCSL International Mem.
Beverly Garcia, JM Test Systems, Inc.
The primary focus on this paper is the value of NCSLI membership. It will identify who the members are and how they came to NCSLI. It will also describe the work place benefits received from their membership. It will prove how our individual values as industry professionals increase proportionately with our involvement in the guild as well as ways to become involved in the various NCSL International functions and committees.

Specific examples of situations where members have been able to rely on the resources NCSLI has provided will be detailed as well as how collaborative efforts have enhanced the measurement industry. Other areas of discussion in this paper will include:

    •NCSL International’s role in the future of measurement science through scholarships
    •How we as members can enhance our networking whether through technical information sharing or sales potential
    •The importance of increasing membership as related to the over-all industry.

The intent of this paper is to both inform and entertain. It will hopefully be an aid in creating excitement and renewed interest in NCSLI. The paper will not be written nor presented as technical information, rather as a practical suggestion and encouragement to the reader/listener.