Midwest US Regional Meeting

Adam R. Fleder, Tegam
Aerospace Ground Bond Testing
Creating and maintaining effective ground references in airframes are critical to safety and performance. Fixed and rotary-wing aircrafts are complex assemblies consisting of various electrical and mechanical components, which are all connected to form a sound mechanical structure. While mechanical integrity is the primary concern of aircraft manufacturers and maintenance teams, sound electrical bonding is critical to ensuring that all control and communications systems operate reliably.

This webinar will classify bond types, their effect on the airframe and demonstrate effective test methods to verify their performance.

Attendees of this webinar will learn to:
  • Differentiate between bond types
  • Comprehend how they affect aircraft safety and performance
  • Choose instrumentation to fulfill test requirements

Keith Hadley, Ametek
Pressure Calibration; comparing and contrasting the Deadweight Tester with Digital Pressure Calibrators

This presentation provides insight into the use of deadweight testers and compares them to the use of Digital Pressure standards.   The differences between the two, where to use each, pluses and minuses of each, along with some of the causes of error in the measurements.   

Justin Walsh, Vaisala
Carbocap NDIR Sensors for Carbon Dioxide Measurement
Advances in NDIR technology help to ensure truly accurate measurements of CO2 in essential applications. In this presentation we will discuss the advantages of certain NDIR sensor features and how they relate to different applications from building ventilation to scientific research.