Southeast US Regional Meeting

Brent Condie
Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) measurement and screening

This presentation will focus on Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) measurement and screening the key measurement elements needed to provide an accurate screening solution. We will debunk some of the myths of EST screening and discuss how Focus, Distance and Reflection are critical in non-contact temperature measurement and many screening solution providers are not applying this science to their application. FLIR Systems is the worlds largest producer of infrared cameras and has over 10 years experience with Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) measurement and screening.

Kirk Foster
Calibration and the Marshall Space Flight Center Pandemic Response

A description of the issues, processes, and lessons learned the Metrology and Calibration Laboratory (Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA) experienced during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges of closures, lab personnel availability, vendor availability, customer needs, and many other issues definitely strains or breaks the norms of maintaining your mission.

Scott Crone
Theory and Operation of Dry-Block Temperature Calibrators
This course will describe the construction, evolution, and practical use of dry-block temperature calibrators. This will include the basic design, the added features that are bringing later generations closer to the precision of calibration baths, and how they should be used as well as common misuses.

Danny Mullinax
An introduction to surface roughness, some common parameters, and their applications

What is surface roughness? How is it measured? Who uses surface roughness? This presentation will answer these questions and discuss some common roughness parameters and their applications.