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Metrology Software meets Model-Driven Engineering

Most of the metrology software we used today was developed by the manufacturer in an effort to help sell their hardware, making metrology software highly segregated and harder to maintain as regulatory requirements and technologies change.  As we move into Industry 4.0 and the Internet-Of-Things (IoT) these changes are going to come at an even faster pace, making it even harder to maintain and support code.

This is why much of the software industry is moving towards Model-Driven Engineering built around the idea of low-Code or no-code development models.  Meaning, how can we perform the same task with little to no software development.  A world where software doesn’t have to be written again and again, instead Model-Driven Engineering drives the software in the direction of sustainability.

Working with the NCSLI - MII Committee we are trying to build the foundation for a strong model-based industry standard that can build upon.  This model will help build better tools, reusable resources, as well as data and information exchanges.
In this webinar, I would like to zero in on what is meant by Model-Driven Engineering and how it can be used to make better metrology software.  
Mike Schwartz
Mr. Schwartz completed training at Lowry AFB in 1989 and was honorably discharged after 10 years of serving in the Army. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Computer Science. Mr. Schwartz spent two years writing compliance testing software and database applications while stationed at White Sands Missile Range in NM. After leaving the military, he wrote automation software for five years before starting his own automation engineering company in the Denver Metro area.