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Uncertainties for Dry Block Calibrators

Dry blocks or dry wells are commonly used instruments to provide a stable and uniform temperature source for temperature calibration. In addition to being a temperature source, dry wells are sometimes used as the temperature standard for the calibration. Regardless of how the dry well is being used, it is critical to understand the errors and uncertainties associated with the use of the dry well. This training will focus on the various types of uncertainties and the methods used to determine the uncertainty contributions when using a dry well. Sample uncertainties budgets will also be shown and explained.

Learning Objective:
  • Explain dry well construction and inherent errors
  • Understand uncertainties associated dry well calibrators
  • Learn two methods of calibration when using a dry well and example uncertainty budgets for each
  • Practical methods to potentially reduce dry well uncertainties
Dallen Baugh

Working in the metrology community for 24 years. Dallen has an Electrical Engineering degree from Weber State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Dallen spent 14 years with Hart Scientific/Fluke where he was the US Sales Manager, 4 years with ThermoWorks as the Sales Manager, and is currently the VP of Sales for Additel Corporation. Dallen has a diverse knowledge of temperature metrology as well as pressure. He has worked with top level labs around the world, including NIST US, NIM China, NIM Japan, NIM Thailand, NRC Canada, PTB Germany, LNE France, NPL United Kingdom, MSL New Zealand, as well as top level private labs around the world. Dallen and his wife Katherine have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He loves the outdoors including hunting, fishing, and motorsports.