William A. Wildhack Award

This award is presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of metrology and measurement science, consistent with the goals of NCSL International. Established in 1970 in honor and recognition of William A. Wildhack, a long-time employee of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Mr. Wildhack was not only very instrumental in the founding of the NCSL International, but also, through his wisdom, his leadership, his dedication and foresight, he helped shape the organization during its early formative years.

Each year NCSL International has the opportunity to recognize an individual for their outstanding contributions to the field of calibration, metrology, and leadership to NCSLI by presenting the William A. Wildhack Award. The contributions may be in any appropriate form including oral presentation, conference paper, technical or administrative innovation or accomplishment, and/or outstanding leadership to NCSLI. The purpose of the award is to provide recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of metrology, and contributions that are in consonance with the goals and purposes of NCSLI. The award carries an honorarium in the amount of $2,500, a plaque, and a medallion bearing the likeness of William A. Wildhack. The award is administered by the William A. Wildhack Advisory Panel. Dr. James Olthoff, NCSLI Immediate Past President will preside for 2019. If you know of someone that should be considered and is qualified to receive this award, please forward your letter of recommendation to Dr. James Olthoff.


Nomination Deadline June 7, 2019
Dr. James Olthoff
NCSL International, Immediate Past President
NIST 100 Bureau Drive
MS: 1000
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1000


 2018 Dr. Richard Davis Dr. Davis has been, to many metrologists worldwide known as “Mr Mass” in his role as leader of the Mass standard group at the BIPM (International Bureau of Weights and Measures). Richard took this post at the BIPM after an extensive research career at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST. Dr. Davis’s research was not limited to only mass measurement. His research in electrochemistry and the density of air enabled insights into a more precise formulation of the air density formula (the modified Edlen equation) and so to improved precision and accuracy in mass measurements. He also developed a unique magnetic susceptibility measuring instrument which enables more accurate values for the magnetic characteristics of the stainless-steel weights used as the work-horse of mass measurements worldwide.

Dr. Davis has also been central to the development of our current understanding of mass standards and balances. As “Keeper of the Kilogram,” his custodianship of the International Prototype Kilogram and his extensive and influential work on its proposed redefinition, have led to world-wide confidence in the realization of the new definition and its future dissemination. He played a key role in the building of the BIPM's Kibble (Watt) balance and he has been instrumental in the construction of other Kibble balances used in NMIs which have contributed to the crucial measurements of the Planck Constant, which are soon to be at the heart of the new definition.

2017 Christopher Grachanen

Chris has authored numerous Metrology articles appearing in Quality Progress, Test & Measurement World magazine, NCSLI’s Measure and Cal Lab magazine. Chris authors the Educator's Corner column for NCSLI's quarterly newsletter and is a regular contributor to the American Society for Quality (ASQ), Measurement Quality Division's (MQD) quarterly newsletter The Standard. Chris was a coauthor of ASQ's The Metrology Handbook and received NCSLI's 1998 Dr. Allan V. Astin award for best conference paper outlining experiences learned from laboratory accreditation. In addition Chris was awarded NCSLI 2006 Quality & Management best conference paper for the Metrology Job Description Initiative. 

One of Chris's major metrology training and education efforts was to spearhead the creation of job descriptions for calibration technicians, calibration engineers and Metrologists for inclusion in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) listing. The SOC is updated once every ten years and is the foundation for the Bureau's Outlook Occupational Handbook used by educators and counselors to provide career guidance to high school and college students. To this end, Chris chairs the NCSLI 163.1 Working Group on Standard Occupational Classifications which developed formal job descriptions submitted to the SOC and which were recently used in the 2007 NCSLI Benchmarking survey. The working group currently is in correspondence with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) trying to standardize occupation classifications across government agencies and will be developing standard HR packages for disseminating information about metrology occupations. 

Chris has been a regular presenter at NCSLI regional meetings since 1992 as well as presenting at NCSLI's national conferences, ASQ's Measurement Quality Conference and conducting free workshops on measurement uncertainty topics for industry. Chris was one of the founding members of NCSLI’s 164.1 Metrology Education & Training Outreach committee and a major contributor for NCSLI’s newly revised recommended practice on Calibration Procedures RP-3. Chris championed the creation of ASQ's Certified Calibration Technician (CCT) body of knowledge which spanned nearly four years with participation from hundreds of calibration practitioners from the U.S. Dept. of Defense, U.S. Dept. of Energy, NASA, academic institutes, fortune 100 companies and private calibration facilities. The CCT body of knowledge had been the foundation for numerous training courses as well as several outstanding training publications.

In 2004, Chris received a $20,000 cash honorarium for being Test and Measurement World’s Test Engineer of the Year which he donated to several community colleges that offer metrology programs. In addition, Tidewater Community College of Virginia established the National Instruments I Chris Grachanen Metrology Scholarship to attract students into curricula that will prepare them to enter the metrology field.

2016 Ronald A. Ginley

Ronald A. Ginley was born in 1957 in Denver, Colorado. In 1981, he received a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado and in 1983 he received an MS in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. His area of study was solid state physics and Electromagnetic field theory. Mr. Ginley is currently employed by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and has been for the past 34 years. At NIST, Mr. Ginley has several areas of responsibility which includes metrology research in the microwave scattering-parameter and power areas. He also leads the microwave measurement services which include the microwave s-parameter, thermal noise and power measurement services. Ron is an active participant and contributor to the annual NCSL International Conference Tutorial Program and the NCSL International Technical Exchangewhere he regularly teaches tutorials about microwave measurement. He is also an active participant and contributor with the Measurement Science Conference (MSC), International Microwave Symposium (IMS), and Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG) Conference. He has participated in these organizations since the mid-1980s, presenting papers and serving on several standards and working committees. Ron currently is the treasurer and executive committee member of the ARFTG, a professional group dedicated to microwave/mm-wave measurements. He is also on the executive committees for the Global Symposium on Millimeter-waves (GSMM) and the Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON). Ron will be chairing the IMS 2022 Symposium, the 90th ARFTG Microwave Measurement Symposium in 2017 and the 2018 GSMM Conference.

 2015 Dr. Hector Nava Jaimes In 1969 Dr. Jaimes obtained his doctorate in Electronics at the Faculty of Sciences d'Orsay University in Paris. In 1970 he joined the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the IPN as a researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering. He served as the head of this department from 1972 to 1982. During this time he was responsible for the Multinational Engineering Projects CINVESTAV-OAS and the Special Project Mar de Plata OAS for the establishment of a Metrology Laboratory in Mexico, which contributed to the training of specialized personnel in metrology who were in charge of the National Center of Metrology (CENAM) project (1976-1982). In addition to the various activities as a Research Professor, he was an advisor on several undergraduate, master and doctorate theses. He was the Director General of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the IPN, from December 1982 to December 1990 and steered the Center towards excellence. During his tenure, new units were created in Mérida, Irapuato, Saltillo and Guadalajara, and developed the first international project related to metrology culminating in a Metrology Laboratory, CENAM precursor. 
In 1986 he received the National Award for Integral Standards, issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development, in recognition of his contributions to the development of metrology in Mexico. 
2014 Carol Hockert Carols history of involvement with NCSLI includes an impressive list of leadership positions including:  Member of the Accreditation Resources Committee; Twin Cities Section Coordinator, 1996 to 1999; Region 11 Coordinator, 2000; Board of Reviewers, 2001 to 2004; Central Division VP, 2001 to 2003; Conference Management VP, 2004 to 2006; Executive VP, 2007; Liaison Delegates Committee Chairman, 2007; President, 2008; Immediate Past President, 2009; Past Presidents Committee, 2011 to Present; CFM Representative, 2011 to Present; Technical Program Chairman, 2012 to Present. In addition to her work with NCSLI,  her professional career accomplishments are equally as impressive. Carol  understands weights and measures and laboratory metrology from a state’s perspective; she is also an expert in legal metrology and was both a technical and lead assessor for NVLAP. She is also the Executive Secretary for the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) and in that role has developed exceptional relationships with the division’s partners, stakeholders and customers.

2013 Douglas Sugg

Doug Sugg has supported numerous national defense programs over his career. He has made many important contributions to measurement science over the past 25 plus years of his dedicated service that have positively impacted the ability of our warfighters to fight and win in defense of our country and its interests. He has served as the Navy’s Metrology Scientific and Technical Manager and he has served on key Joint Logistics Commanders technical working groups to coordinate metrology and calibration efforts across the Department of Defense.

2012 Duane Brown Duane Brown has been involved in metrology since 1972. In 1990 Duane developed and marketed the first fully automated resistance bridge. This is one of the most significant developments in the field of resistance metrology, providing laboratories with faster and more repeatable measurements while reducing the influences of human operator error. Since then, he has established a MI resistance bridge as the primary resistance measuring device in nearly every national laboratory in the world.

2011 Michael Lombardi Mike’s contributions to excellence in metrology include his role in helping to develop the world’s first continuous, near real-time international time scale, helping to coordinate official time among 16 national metrology institutes in the SIM region, for creating innovative remote time and frequency calibration services, and for publishing several award-winning technical articles.
2010 Dave Deaver The award was presented July 25, 2010 at the organization's annual Workshop and Symposium in Providance Rhode Island. The award was based on his years of dedicated service to NCSLI, leadership in within the JJ committee ILCs. 
2009 Andrew Wallard Returning to the NPL in 1990 as Deputy Director, Professor Wallard subsequently became the NPL's Chief Metrologist. In 2004, he became Director of the BIPM. He has published some forty refereed scientific papers, generally on laser physics and metrology, numerous conference proceedings, and has contributed to various books on metrology. These accomplishments alone have earned Andrew awards for outstanding contributions to the field of metrology, but there is more to tell.
2008 Harry Moody
Over the years Harry’s activities in NCSLI have included serving as Calibration/Certification Committee Chairman, Vice President of the Western Division, Treasurer, Executive Vice President and NCSLI President in 2005. Most notably, he was the driving force behind the organization of the uncertainty road shows that are still going on today.
2007 Dr. Charles D. Ehrlich
Chief of the NIST Technical Standards Activities Program, and group leader of the International Legal Metrology Group. Chuck serves as the U.S. member of the International Committee on Legal Metrology on behalf of the U.S. Department of State. Chuck also serves on the BIPM?s Joint Committee for Metrology Working group two, which is responsible for the International Vocabulary for Basic and General Terms in Metrology (VIM). He has authored over 45 technical publications, and presented over 65 talks during his career. He is a recipient of the Woodington Award. 
2006 Mr. John Wehrmeyer
 Mr. John Wehrmeyer recently retired from a 20 year career at Kodak Research Labs in Rochester NY. John was a member of the NCSLI Board of Directors, Chair of the committee to write both the standard and handbook for interpretation of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994. John was also a member of the ISO TAG 4 WG-3 on Metrology, A member of the ISO TAG 176 on behalf of the U.S., Member of the National Science Foundation Evaluation Panel of NIST, and Member of the board of the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation. John has received the Steinhart Medal for Technical Contributions to Metrology in 1976, the Woodington Award for professionalism in metrology in 2000. 
2005 Dr. Richard Pettit
Pettit's award was based on his more than 20 years of service to NCSLI in its management ranks, his contributions to the technical successes of NCSLI, his excellent management of the NCSLI conference technical program, and his considerable industrial accomplishments in the field of industrial metrology, including numerous technical publications.
2004 Tony Anderson The award was presented July 12, 2004 at the organization's annual Workshop and Symposium in Salt Lake City , Utah. Anderson 's award was based on his decades of service to NCSLI, starting with committee and regional activities, and then numerous posts on the NCSLI Board, culminating in his assuming the NCSLI presidency in 1996. Since that time he has remained in Board service as our Representative to the NACLA and ILAC organizations.
2003 Peter S. Unger President of the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), in Frederick, MD, has received the 2003 William Wildhack Award from the NCSL International. It is presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of metrology and measurement science, consistent with the goals of NCSLI. The award was presented August 18, 2003 at the organization's annual Workshop and Symposium in Tampa, Florida. Unger's award was based on his long and tireless efforts on behalf of international laboratory accreditation. He has not only been involved in the organizational details of establishing accreditation, certification and program documentation, but he is recognized as a visible cheerleader and spokesman for the need and results of programs worldwide.
2002 Dr. Howard Castrup Published numerous papers and articles on uncertainty analysis, measurement decision risk analysis, statistical process control, calibration interval analysis and continues to improve interval analysis with probability and risk analysis techniques. He is a member of IEEE, Sigma Pi Sigma the National Physics Honor Society, the American Institute of Physics, and the American Association of Physics Teachers. 
2001 Dr. Clark Hamilton Award recognized a lifetime of scientific achievement, it was his significant efforts on the intrinsic voltage standard, the Josephson Array (predicted by Brian Josephson in 1962) 
2000 Ernest Garner Our honoree worked initially in the mass spectrometry laboratory of NBS, earning world-wide fame in chemical measurements so accurate and precise that an international conference invited him to speak on these measurements 15 years after leaving the field!

1999 Norman Belecki

A physicist from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, was honored for his 29 years of service in support of electrical measurements, standards, and traceability in support US industry, academia, and government metrology facilities.

1998  Dr. Klaus Jaeger 

Of Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space, was honored for his many years of service to the NCSL in various capacities from committee member to Vice President for measurement science and publication. At the time of this Award, he had been elected to the position of Executive Vice President.

1997  Robert Weber 

Retired from Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space, Sunnyvale, CA was honored for his many years of contribution to the metrology community.   

1996  Gary M. Davidson 

Of Strata Strand Davidson, was honored for several decades of NCSL support and volunteer activities, primarily the Chairmanship of the TQM Committee in its 5-year-long effort to replace the government's multiple-agency, multiple military quality specifications with a single, nationally-recognized program. He served as President of NCSL in 1988.

1995  J. Michael Suraci 

From Lockheed Martin in Bangor, Washington, was honored for his long-time support of NCSL activities. He served as President of NCSL in 1975-76. 

1994  Henry Sostman 

Retired inventor and businessman, was honored for his contributions to temperature measurement. 

1993  Graham Cameron 

Retired from Canadian Department of National Defence, was honored for his long service in NCSL management and for his ongoing leadership in the advancement of metrology internationally. 

1992  Dr. Joe Simmons 

Of the National Institute of Standards and Technology was honored for his years of contribution to the metrology community and his continuing central role in U.S. and International Standards Committee activity.

1991  Ed Nemeroff 

Was honored for his long years of contributions to the metrology industry served as NCSL President 1986-1987 as well as a wide variety of offices in the management ranks for NCSL. 

1990  David Packard 

Chairperson of the Board, Hewlett Packard Company, for his lifetime contributions to measurements and standards, and for his leadership of Hewlett Packard Co., a leading manufacturer of measurement and computational equipment. 

1989  Peter M. Clifford 

From the City University School of Engineering, London, England for his outstanding contributions to the international measurement community and specifically his leadership in the Western European Calibration Community. 

1988  Dr. David W. Braudaway 

Of Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico for his technical accomplishments in improving standards measurements at, and bringing recognition to, the Sandia Primary Standards Laboratory. 

1987  John Minck 

Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard Co., Palo Alto, CA. John served on the NCSL Board of Director's for five years and as NCSL President in 1976-1977. John is currently the NCSL Newsletter Editor.

1986  Dean Brungart 

Metrology Director, Teledyne Systems Company, Northridge, CA. Dean served NCSL on the Board of Director's for seven years and as President in 1982. He has also been President of the Measurement Science Conference (MSC), and the Precision Measurement Association (PMA). 

1985  Dr. Bruno Weinschel 

President, Weinschel Engineering Company, Gaithersburg, MD. 

1984  Dr. Andrew Dunn 

Electrical Standards Grp. Section Head, National Research Council, Canada. 

1983  John M. Fluke 

Founder and Chairperson of the Board, John Fluke Mfg. Co., Everett, WA. 

1982  Dr. Churchill Eisenhart 

Senior Research Fellow, National Bureau of Standards (NBS), Gaithersburg, MD. Pioneered the application of Statistics to Metrology.

1981  Dr. Forest Harris 

Retired, Chief of Absolute Measurement Sec. of the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), Gaithersburg, MD. Developed Primary Units of Measurement and was a distinguished educator.

1980  J. David Mitchell 

Director, Advanced Programs and Manufacturing Technology, Rockwell International, Pittsburgh, PA. Dave served on the NCSL Board of Director's for five years and as President in 1974-1975. 

1979  Jerry Hayes 

Technical Director, Navy Metrology Engineering Center, Pomona, CA. Jerry was long-term NCSL Board of Director's member (nine years) and served two terms as Chairperson (President) 1969-1971.

1978  Frank McGinnis 

Director of Product Assurance, Sperry Rand Cop., Great Neck, NY 

1977  Douglas Strain 

Founder and President of Electro-Scientific Industries, Portland, Oregon. 

1976  Dr. Ernest Ambler 

Acting Director of the National Bureau of Standards (NBS). He was also the NBS Sponsor's Delegate to NCSL 1968-1969 

1974  Jack A. Hall 

Rockwell International, Anaheim, CA. 

1972  Dr. Robert A. Kamper 

National Bureau of Standards, Boulder, CO. 

1970  Jerry Glassman 

Navy Metrology Engineering Center, Pomona, CA.