Precision Measurement Training:
E-Learning Series
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Course Descriptions

An easy to access, menu driven curriculum allows the learner to concentrate on the topics specific to their job requirements. For anyone taking measurements, new hires, students or a refresher for more experienced technicians. All titles have their own parameter specific glossary, pre and post tests and Certificate of Competency. 

There are three course levels:

Precision Measurement Series-Level I    Precision Measurement Series-Level II    ISO/IEC 17025 Compliance

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Precision Measurement Series-Level I
WPT1001 Introduction to Measurement and Calibration
Definition of metrology; measurements in manufacturing; measurement in the global marketplace; importance of measurement

Development and Concerns of Metrology                                                                      
Need for better measurements; determine and describe the differences between resolution, accuracy, precision; calibration; Type A Uncertainty, Type B Uncertainty; review questions

Standards and Standardization                                                                                    
Working standards, check standards, international standards, levels of standard accuracies; accuracy ratio between levels of calibration pyramid: requirements of traceability: metrology standardization documents; review questions

Managing the Metrology System                                                                                    
When a metrology system is needed; components of a metrology system; periodic calibration; determining period, fixed time intervals or other means, measurement assurance; record keeping, categories on a good record keeping form, computer record keeping programs, record stickers; documented procedures; components of a procedure, standardization documents, ISO and QS9000, ANSI Z-540, ISO 25, Malcolm Baldrige, training; components of a training program, records, review questions

Making Good Measurements: Elements of a Measurement System                
Measuring instrument (calibration); calibration pyramid, relating the instrument to the national standard; unit under test; preparation of the UUT; fixture or jig setup; measuring procedure; operator; analysis of measured data; display of final analyzed result; measurement assurance, isolating errors, capability study, gage R & R; review questions

Units and Measurement Instruments                                                                          
Length; rulers, height gages, optical comparators, micrometer/calipers, metrology laser, others: roundness, squareness, flatness, surface finish, area, volume, Mass: balances (single-pan, dual pan, electronic) Time: electronic counters, atomic clocks, Temperature; thermometers (liquid-in-glass, metallic stem, thermostats, electrical thermometric, thermistors) flow; flowmeters (rotation, pressure drop, positive displacement) electrical quantities; DC voltages (meters), resistance (multimeters), DC current, AC measures, review questions

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WPT1002 Precision Electrical Measurement
Basic DC and Low Frequency Measurement                                                                                                      
Measurement Units; Coherent, uniform and unified; Defined, Realized and Represented;
Disseminated and Extended. Measurement Instruments: Types; Principals of Operation;
Measurement Methods: Direct; Differential; Transfer; Ratio; Indirect
Essential Math: Basic Algebra, Engineering and Scientific Notation, Logarithms, Calculating Power Gain/Loss; Ratios, Decibels, Conversions, Calculating Specifications; three types of ac meter responses; peak, full wave, and root mean squared (rms), Conversion of ac voltages using form factors , Calculation of pass/fail measurement limits from instrument specifications Measurement Uncertainty-a Beginning: Calculating error and Correction Factors, Types of Errors: Systematic Errors; Instrument, Environmental, Observational, Concepts of Measurement Uncertainty

Standards and Traceability
Why Measurements Must be Traceable; What Is Involved in a Traceable Calibration, Standards
The Ideal Standard; Standards for your Measurements, Traceability: Establishing and Maintaining Traceability

Practical Considerations for Precision Electrical Measurement
Grounding: Ideal vs. Real Ground; Power Line Ground Systems; Safety-Ground Ground
Loop Errors, Shielding: Electromagnetic Radiation; Shielding from Electric Fields;
Magnetic Field Coupling; Minimizing Magnetic Pickup; Magnetic Shielding,
Guarding: Instrument Guard; High-Impedance Measurements; Guarding Current Sources

Sources of Measurement Error
Thermal EMF’s, Contact Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Surface Leakage, Dielectric Absorption, Noise and AC to DC Converters, Parasitic Capacitance, Bias Current, Pumpout Current

Electrical Safety
Introduction, Electrical Safety Fundamentals, Shocking Stories

Additional topics

Lab Practices; Introduction, Test Instruments. Electro-Static Discharge, Routine Maintenance                      
Scope Hints; Noise Problems, TDR, Probing, Troubleshooting, Aliasing, Harmonic Distortion, Stability, Pulse Capture

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WPT1003 Precision Temperature Measurement
Temperature affects nearly every physical measurement you make, requiring you to make corrections to your measurements due to temperature variations. Because of this, the accuracy of all your measurements depends on your ability to accurately measure temperature.

Heat and Temperature 
Describe and understand basic Molecular structure, Kinetic Energy, Heat, Temperature, Thermometers, Ice Point, Steam Point and Triple Point, Absolute Zero.

Temperature Scales 
Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Rankine, Thermodynamic, ITS-1990, Conversion Formulas 

Mercury-in-Glass, Alcohol-in-Glass, Resistance Thermometers, Operating Principles, Calibration Principles, Thermometer Calibration, Uncertainty, Measurement Errors 

Related Heat Sensing and Measuring Instruments
Principles, Construction and Methods of Operation of Thermistors, RTD’s, Thermocouples, Infrared Sensing Devices, Selection Guide

Basic Principles of Uncertainties in Temperature Measurement                              
Introduction, Bath Calibration Uncertainties, Readout Devices, Isothermal Baths, Dry Well Calibration Uncertainties

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WPT1004 Precision Dimensional Measurement
Linear Measurements Standards 
Definition of the Meter, Length Standards, Units of Measure

Measuring Instruments 

Micrometers, Calipers, Types and Accuracies, Selection, Sensitivity, and Accuracy of Measuring Instruments, Absolute and Comparison Measure, Causes of Error and Correction: Temperature, Gage Deformation, Elastic Deformation, Error Analysis 

Gage Blocks 

History, Requirements, Methods of Measuring, Traceability, Uncertainty, Surface Finish, Thermal Expansion, Selection, Precautions, Calibration, Wringing, Types and Characteristics 

Making Angular Measurements 

Clinometers, Sine Bars and tables; Trigonometric functions, Practical applications; Angle gage blocks 

Optical Instruments 

Using the eye as an optical instrument, Hints for making precise optical measurements, Use and principles of Optical flats, Grades, Light Interferometry, Light Interference, Reflection, Calculating surface flatness using interference patterns, Reading flatness error, Care of optical measurement devices, Microscopes, Comparator

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WPT1005 Precision Pressure & Vacuum Measurement

Pressure Fundamentals

.Definition, Mathematical Formulas, Pascals, Boyles, Charles and Combined Gas Laws, Measurement Modes

Type of Pressure
Gauge Pressure, Vacuum, Absolute, Differential, Effects of changes in Atmospheric Pressure,
Pressure Units and their Conversion

Pressure Measurement Devices 
The Bourdon Tube Pressure Gage, Dead Weight Piston Gages, Calibration, Errors, Safety

Measurand, Displacement or Stress, Force-Summing Devices, Accuracy; Stability, Drift, Aging,
Frequency Response; Step Pressure Change, Natural Frequency and Resonance's,
Static Overpressure, Dynamic or Transient Overpressure, Concepts of Accuracy;
Static Error Band, Linearity, Hysteresis, Repeatability 

Principles of Vacuum 
Concepts, Production of Vacuum, Conductance, Long Path vs. Short Path, Vacuum Ranges, Gauges

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WPT1006 Precision Flow Measurement
Density Principles and Measurement Corrections
Density Measurement Principles, Correcting Indicated Weight, True Mass vs Apparent Mass, Weight Density Principles, Weight Densities of Various Materials.

Specific Gravity;  
Principles, Determining Specific Gravity; Picnometer and Balance, Hydrometer, Specific Gravity Balance

Fluid Flow Measurements;
Basic Flow Concepts, Units of Measurement, Reynolds Numbers, Viscosity, Turn Down Ratios, Calibration Techniques; Weighing Methods; Dynamic, Static, Volumetric Method; Calibrated Tank, Piston/Cylinder

Flow Measurement Devices;
Differential Pressure Meters; Orifices, Venturi tubes, Flow tubes, Flow nozzles, Pitot tubes, Elbow meters, Target meters, Variable-area meters, Positive Displacement Meters, Reciprocating piston meters, Oval-gear meters, Nutating-disk meters, Rotary-vane meters, Velocity Meters; Turbine meters, Vortex meters, Electromagnetic meters, Ultrasonic flowmeters, Mass Flowmeters; Coriolis meters, Thermal-type mass flowmeters

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WPT1007 Precision Mass Measurement
Mass Basics; 
Defining formulas and supporting math, terminology, standards hierarchy, 

Mass and Weight Principles;  
Units, Classification and Applications, Physical Characteristics, Weight Calibration Reports, Density Standards, Calibration Weight Selection, Balance Verification, Weight Care and Maintenance

Weighing Instruments;                                                                                                     
Mechanical; Principles of Operation, Electronic; Principles of Operation

Weighing Bench, Work Room, Temperature

Leveling, Draft Shielding, Weighing Vessel, Weighing Pan, Calibration, Errors, Application

Classes, Selection

Physical Influences;                                                                                                                      
Temperature, Moisture, Electrostatics, Magnetism, Static Buoyancy, Gravitation

Data Acquisition;                                                                                                           
Standard Deviation, Sensitivity Drift, Linearity, Readability, Reproducibility, Uncertainty

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WPT1008 Precision Force & Torque Measurement
Stress and Strain;                                                                                                        
Relationships, Stress, Strain Elasticity, Tension or Compressibility

Characteristics and Operations of a Load Cell;                                                              
Strain Gages, Load Cell Configuration, Practical Apps

Torque Concepts and Applications;                                                                                
What is Torque? Cosine Error, Torque Wrenches, Hooke's Law, Run Down Resistance, Set or Seizure, Breakaway, Reading the Scale
Torque Testers Calibration

Torque Auditing;                                                                                                                                     
How Fasteners Fasten, Torque Measurement, Torque and Clamping Force, Torque Auditing; Static, Dynamic, Sources of Variation; Actual installation vs. specification, Fall-off (joint relaxation), Hard and soft joints, Tightening speed (frictional coefficients)

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WPT1009 Measurement Uncertainty
Sources of Uncertainty

Essentials of Expressing Measurement Uncertainty
Definitions, Evaluating, Distributions; Uniform, Triangular, Nominal, Combining, Expanded, Examples, Specification; Coverage Factors, Confidence Limits Correlation, Reporting Uncertainty; Manufacturer, User, Capabilities Statement, Traceability

Risk Analysis Introduction

Quantification, Consumer vs Producer, Approximation Methods, Measurement; Average Quality Level, Distribution, Bias, TUR, 


Limits, Interval Width, Delta Specification Limit, EOP% Intolerance

Related Statistical Tools;

PMAP, Process Capability, Gage R & R, ANOVA, Models for Measurement Uncertainty Analysis, Sample Plans, Structure of Random Samples, Reverse Standards

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540.3:2007
  • JCGM 100:2008 (GUM)
  • JCJCGM 200:2008 (VIM)
  • ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008
  • ISO/IEC Guide 99:2007 (VIM)
  • ILAC arrangement and regional MRA's; and more.
  • GM 101:2008 (GUM supplement on Monte Carlo methods)

stand-alone measurement uncertainty calculators; calculators designed to work with Microsoft® Excel®; calibration management software; general-purpose statistical analysis software; and a mathematical analysis application            
Features and Benefits;
Review of uncertainty tools, calibration management and automation software, statistics software, general purpose mathematical analysis software

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