NCSLI Measure:
The Journal of Measurement Science

NCSLI Measure is an international journal dedicated to metrology, the science of measurement.  Published quarterly since 2006, the journal's target audience is practitioners and researchers in the field of metrology, including laboratory managers, scientists, engineers, statisticians, and technicians. Each issue features peer-reviewed technical articles that cover a variety of metrology related topics, including: primary and secondary measurement standards, measurement techniques, international comparisons, metrological traceability, uncertainty and statistical analysis, laboratory accreditation and management, and new advances in measurement science.  Past issues have included papers about numerous type of measurements including:  chemical, dimensional, electrical, flow, force, humidity, mass, materials, optical, pressure, temperature, time and frequency, and voltage.  In addition, each issue features the latest news items from the metrology world, and special features such as interviews with prominent metrology professionals.
NCSL International Editorial Board
 Sandia National Laboratories, (Retired) USA
 Sandia National Laboratories, (Retired) USA
 Sandia National Laboratories, (Retired) USA
Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Managing Editor
Mark Kuster Consultant, Pantex Metrology (Retired) USA

Associate Editors
NMI/Metrology News
Dr. Richard B. Pettit, Sandia National Laboratories, (Retired) USA

Meghan Shilling, PhD, Large Scale Dimensional Metrology, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

Production Editor
Linda Stone, NCSL International