Learning and Development

Traditional education and training efforts by NCSLI committees focus well beyond education in schools and on the job. Of course, learning and development efforts include the member's benefit Training Aids Library, a Training Calendar, interactions with and Scholarships  for schools with metrology courses and degrees.

Learning encompasses all of the education and training activities. Education generally refers to gaining knowledge from accredited schools and universities, or gaining an understanding of underlying concepts and theory. Training typically refers to the application of knowledge to skills, or simply learning skills; it includes everything from classroom instruction, multimedia resources, and on-the-job instruction and mentoring.

Development includes personal and professional development, certification, and workplace management issues, often traditionally handled by a corporate training department, but sometimes handled by the human resources office.

Strategic Directions
In response to the alarming decrease in young folks entering the Metrology field, in 2005 NCSL International began an effort to develop and follow a strategic roadmap and framework for planning, organizing and developing resources and activities in the U.S. to help reverse this trend. Support for the roadmap has also gained momentum through various committee and region/section activities as committees began developing learning resources and regions/sections began reaching out to their local schools and students in our Metrology Ambassador  outreach efforts.