Joe D. Simmons Memorial Scholarship 

 Extended to May 20, 2020

Joe D. Simmons Application

The Joe Simmons Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by NCSL International (NCSLI) and the American Society for Quality - Measurement Quality Division (ASQ-MQD). 

The Joe D. Simmons Scholarship fosters the furtherance of metrology through education by striving to:

  1. support the academic pursuit of a metrology career by worthy students;
  2. promote and improve measurement science education and educational opportunity;
  3. encourage talented individuals to enter the field of metrology; and
  4. stimulate professionalism in metrology

by means of an annual award to a student exhibiting scholastic excellence in the study of measurement science and quality.

Completed applications are due March 1st of each year. Applications are reviewed by the Selection Committee and selections are made based on academic performance. The Scholarship award is based solely on academic performance, especially in metrology-related courses, but in general technical and communications courses as well. Race, gender, and economic need are not selection factors, although the last may influence selection when applications are closely matched.

To Apply for the Joe D. Simmons Memorial Scholarship, a student must submit: a completed application form (see above);

  1. a list of courses taken and planned to be taken in pursuit of a degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master, etc.);
  2. an endorsement from one or more of the school faculty teaching metrology or quality-related subjects, or a high-school science or math teacher;
  3. a transcript of grades in all courses to date; and
  4. an essay, not to exceed 1000 words, indicating metrology and quality concepts learned and applied in academic or work settings, and describing the student’s career aspirations.
  5. The material must be received by the Committee by March 1, (Extended to May 20, 2020) of the year of award in order to receive consideration!!
The Scholarship considers all applicants without regard to race, creed, or gender of the submitter.