Metrology Scholarship Programs

The purpose of the NCSLI scholarship and awards program is to further Measurement Science (Metrology) education by awarding scholarships, awards, or grants.  Three scholarship programs are offered; the NCSLI General Scholarship Program, the Joe D. Simmons Memorial Scholarship and the Anthony Ulrich Metrology Scholarship. 

NCSLI General Grants and Scholarship Program

Presented to Institutions

General grants and scholarships are granted to selected education institutions for the purpose of distributing awards to individual students based on the Institution's award criteria.  Receiving institutions are selected on the basis of the programs offered and the contribution of such programs toward the study of Measurement Science.  Participating Education Institutions must be accredited. Applicant schools do not need to be members of NCSLI to apply, however it is encouraged. Applications are reviewed by VP and Committee Chairs of the Learning and Development Committees. Selections are made based on the institutions programs toward furthering Metrology Education.

Application process for schools/institutions and information on general scholarships:

  1. Complete the NCSLI General Scholarship Application (Download Below)
  2. Submit completed application to Financial Resources Chair (162 Committee)
  3. For renewals, also submit: Scholarship Usage Report (Download Below)

NCSL International General Scholarship Application
(Adobe PDF Document)

NCSL International Scholarship Usage Report
(Adobe PDF Document)
J. D. Simmons Memorial Scholarship 

Presented to Individuals

The Joe Simmons Memorial Scholarship is co-sponsored by NCSL International (NCSLI) and the American Society for Quality - Measurement Quality Division (ASQ-MQD). Funds collected by NCSLI may be donated directly to the Joe Simmons Memorial Scholarship fund on behalf of NCSLI members. 
Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, written essays, and other documented scholarship criteria.

For further information or to apply for the Simmons Scholarship.
Anthony Ulrich Metrology Scholarship 

Presented to Individuals

The Anthony Ulrich Metrology Scholarship promotes the study of measurement science and metrology related topics. It was created in memory of Anthony Ulrich, P.Eng. who pursued his career in metrology with passion and dedication. This award is intended to support students displaying a commitment to excellence in metrology!

For more information or to apply for the Anthony Ulrich Metrology Scholarship.